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Gynecologic Surgery

Master Robotic Surgeon

Dr. Valerie Knudsen is an expert in minimally invasive approaches to a wide range of gynecologic problems, including abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, infertility, fibroids, and urinary incontinence. Minimally invasive surgeries use small incisions producing less trauma and quicker recoveries.

Master Robotic SurgeonWith Dr. Knudsen, you’ll get accurate information about your health and learn about all the available treatments. From medication to one of the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques, Dr. Knudsen will make sure you get the solution that’s right for you.

When it comes to gynecologic surgery, Dr. Knudsen is a pioneer in our area. In fact, Dr. Knudsen is not only a women’s health specialist, she is a fellow of the prestigious American College of Surgeons, as well. She specializes in leading-edge procedures that can make recovery remarkably quick and comfortable compared to older surgical methods.

  • Dr. Knudsen is one of the few physicians in our area skilled with vaginal-approach hysterectomy (which requires no outside incisions).
  • Women with bladder control problems and complex pelvic problems get sensitive care and advanced treatment. Dr. Knudsen can often resolve bladder control problems in an outpatient setting – state-of-the-art care that can greatly improve your quality of life.
  • Dr. Knudsen also provides experienced, highly qualified surgical care for gynecologic cancers.

If you’ve been told you need surgery or if you’re suffering with any type of women’s health issue, see Dr. Knudsen. She’s easy to talk to and she is here to help.

Surgical procedures available by Dr. Knudsen include:da vinci surgery logo

  • Robotic Surgery is performed by Dr. Knudsen at the Hospital

  • Laparoscopic Superacervical Hysterectomy, preserves cervic:

    • Preservation of the cervix is an option allowing for less trauma to the pelvic floor and few postoperative restrictions
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy- includes removal of cervix:

    • In some instances, removal of the cervix is recommended
  • Treatment of Endometriosis:

    • We believe that the best surgical treatment of endometriosis is excision, completely removing the diseased tissue from the pelvis
  • Prolapse Surgery-Correction of cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, including vaginal mesh, uterosacral ligament suspension:

    • Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where the bladder, vagina, or rectum bulge downward and can cause significant problems in the daily activities of patients. While first line therapy includes physical therapy and pelvic floor exercises, surgical correction may be recommended. Many surgical approaches exist, and we base our approach on the individual needs of our patients.
  • Incontinence Surgery- suburethral slings, cystoscopy:

    • Urinary Incontinence requires a thorough evaluation, Surgical Correction is available for patients who leak with exercise, coughing, or bearing downward (valsalva).
  • Vaginal and Pelvic Floor reconstruction:

    • Common after forceps delivery or episiotomy, many women have trauma to the vagina and pelvic floor which might be improved with surgery
  • Hysteroscopy:

    • Using an endoscopic instrument to view the inner cavity of the uterus
  • Infertility surgery:

    • Including fallopian tube repair, removal of fibroids, and diagnostic evaluation
  • Ovarian cyst removal

  • Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery, including labial revisions and vaginal tightening:

    • One of the fastest growing areas of cosmetic surgery, our gynecologist and plastic surgeon work together to restore symmetry or achieve the appearance our patients desire- once thought to only be appropriate for patients with trauma from childbirth
    • *Please note that prior authorization with your insurance required
  • Removal of Fibroids

  • Leep and Cone procedures for abnormal paps

  • Endometrial Ablation:

    • Minimally invasive technique to reduce menstrual flow by removing the uterine lining, or endometrium

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