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Obstetrics Resources

Tests to Expect When You are Expecting:

  • 1st OB Appointment 6-8 weeks

    • CBC
    • Blood Type
    • Rubella
    • Syphillis
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • HIV
    • Gonorrhea
    • Chlamydia
    • Pap Smear
    • Urinalysis

  • 24-28 Weeks

    •  CBC
    • Glucose Screening
  • 35-37 Weeks

    • Group B Strep

  • What is ACOG?

    ACOG is the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynedology.  It is evidence based science of the practice of OB/GYN.  It is only the facts!

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